My First Love...........

Kissed you,
loved you,
always staring at you,
always caring for you.
Never quite knowing,
what I would do without you.

Hug you close,
never let you go,
always smiled when you came by,
you were the sun to a stormy night,
the teddybear that comforts me.
The food I couldn't live without,
the heart beat that kept me breathing.
You eyes always deep in mine,
you smile always at me.
Your kiss as sweet as honey,
your heart as pure as an angel.

You were my first love,
you never shouted,
or even ignore me.
You were always there,
like the sparkling stars at night.
You made me feel like walking on clouds,
made my soul dance with yours,
made my heart race a thousand beats,
made my smile light up.

Miss you forever,
hold you in my heart,
when you return my love,
I will be waiting for you.
I will be loyal and trusting,
and true to you.
Don't forget me,
as I will not you.............

-Mysteryteen :)
mysteryteen mysteryteen
18-21, F
Aug 3, 2011