Why God Gave Us Friends

                               GOD knew that everyone needs
                                     Companionship and cheer,
                              He knew that people need someone
                                     Whose thoughts are always near .

                                He knew they need someone kind
                                      To lend a helping hand.
                                  Someone to gladly take the time
                                       To care and understand.

                                   GOD knew that we all need someone
                                       To share each happy day,
                                        To be a source of courage
                                     When troubles come our way.

                                 Someone to be true to us
                                 Whether near or far apart.
                             Someone whose love we'll always
                                 Hold and treasure in our hearts.

                               That's Why GOD Gave Us Friends !
sweetme6222 sweetme6222
56-60, F
10 Responses Apr 25, 2012


No thank you for being my friend God really answers prayers when we most need them >>

my friend beautiful poem here ! and its true god must have given me the friend i have found in you ! ~ thanks so much for being my friend , its a pleasure having you in my circle and i feel real honored ! again thank you !

that is so sweet thank you for sharing this.

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Blessings to you hon hug :)

Thank's my love hugs and blessings to you always 8)

Lovely enjoyed very much xx<br />
Please keep writing hugs lov ~

Thank You its as Lovely as you ,hugs *

That's really good:)

8) Thank You &gt;

Really Very good and heart warming well done

Thank's my blessing to you ..

Thank you

Your very welcome 8)

Thank You so much from the bottom of my heart .. My Blessings To You >>