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50 Shades Without the Grey!!

Crack the whip
tie me down
have me completely
gagged and bound

Spank me flog me
anything you say
please please please
Sir i will never disobey

Chain me rope me
as you wish
upside down or
even in a twist

Cane me bite me
fill out your desire
please please please
Sir before this night

Toy with me torture
me , i love the way
you do for you are
my Sir and it will
always be true

You are my Master
and i will obey
for you as my very
own 50 shades
without the Grey!!
AnnahSubmissivecumslut212 AnnahSubmissivecumslut212 22-25, F 6 Responses Sep 21, 2012

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I didnt like your poem at all when i first read it, but after looking at the rating i decided to read it again. Well i cant figure out the meaning, could plz explain me what you wrote?. ( sorry if i hurt ur feelings )

I you are not into BDSM or know nothing about it then you will not understand it, you have not at all hurt my feelings every one is entitled to their own opinion

is it about sex???

You obviously dont know much about the BDSM side of things yes about sex but not just about sex more on the lines of D/s= Dominance and Submission. you really should read about it its very interesting

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I love the complete devotion and surrender displayed in this poem. Very well written.

thank you :)

Fifty shades of purple green and yellows after a night with me... Tied and streached loved and abused licked and whipped like that other muse


You laugh.... But I was serious... The marks from my finger tips alone are testament tto my attentions...dear girl... Be carefull what you ask for... U may get it.

never from you, Masters only girl !!

Nicely done!

wow..we didnt know there was a hidden poet amongst us....It's a brilliant work..Its a gift annah. Looking forward for some more poetries

thank you chicken x

Love it !!!
Thank you for sharing !!