It sneaks in
from the window,
un-curtained but not open,
through the glass pane
that was broken
last night, during the storm
that came in and surprised
me and my life,
and left but left
both of us shattered...

It sneaks in and travels
to my bed,
it's sheets disheveled,
spread eagled,
like a halo cast around
my crumpled dreams,
it lies there and plays
on my pillow
with a lonely silken thread,
that accidentally must have
fallen out of her head.

My room unlit
but now glowing,
basking in the glory
of its cozy warmth,
still and silent, I look on,
trying to block
those dark memories,
that surface,
with those waves of sorrow,
that continue unabated.
forcing me to look behind
and into the past,
where lies my love,
and where rests,
it's carcass …..
cherrytaught cherrytaught
26-30, M
Nov 28, 2012