Easy To Get.a Poem Of Infatuation.

I saw the person across the room,
they were pleasant on the eye.
Their beautiful eyes of blue and smile,
It would be so easy to go over and linger
just for a while.
Could this be infatuation?

We talked,we laughed,it was so easy to get
caught in the moment.
We were drawn to each other,like butterflies on a flower.
I think this is infatuation.

It was so easy to make love to this person.
to entwine our bodies ,to give and to receive in
the joy of making love.
I know this is infatuation.

we danced,walked along white coloured sand.
watched the blue and white spray of the ocean waves.
Drank wine,and watched the sun rise and sun set;
with it's golden colours of orange,yellow and fire red.
It was easy to think,I'm not sure if this is infatuation.

We proposed to each other on the walk through to the forest.
On hands and knees at the falls we said yes.
The engagement ring was the perfect fit,slid down the long slender
finger then sealed with a kiss.
It was so right,so easy to do.
No I know this isn't infatuation.

Married with children,home and job.
It hasn't been easy,we've gone it alone.
The infatuation that has grown.
It's love not infatuation That I now know.

The vows say to death us do part.
It wasn't easy,to berry the person I fell in love with.
My friend,my sole mate,the one I thought I would forget.
The one that taught me to love and not just be infatuated.

No this person isn't easy to forget.
So we learned,easy to get,easy to forget.
No,it isn't always easy.

Lesely Lesely
51-55, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2013

Funny truth. That is the natural development of things, and there is great beauty and mystery in it.