The Monster

-I fell so insecure
-No one to trust
-No one to save you from the monster you have inside of you
-I fell like a beast no one wants to stay beside you
-No one wants to see you face,your body…
-How can someone live in the shadow witch out becoming the beast, the monster?
-Tell me if you fell like a beast, like a monster…
-Where are the people who pretend to be your friends? Where are they now...when your a true monster, now they have afeard of you…!
-Like a dog you’re abandon,alone…your only friends are the darkness, the shadow, the demon, the monster, the beast!

Iwrite this some days ago...i hope you like ^^
Darknightmare121 Darknightmare121
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thx :3


thanks :)

Its a great poem