The Boy On The Stone Wall In Blue A Song Of Two Lost Lovers In Despair. To My Northumbria Story

Oh beautiful arch angel of woe and despair,
pain and demise,
I prithee sing once more!
Not of death and dismay,
but rather in love and pure Benevolence,
my love,
My long forgotten Prince!

Shadows may cast upon thine eyes,
Darkness may choke thy light of day,
misunderstood, despised and forgotten,
walking amongst the most darkest path of all.

A fervent prayer,
Death's lips doth kiss,
In weary hopes,
Of love's true bliss.

Yet even in death,
We're still apart,
Meandering the abyss
of the futile dark.
Yet no darkness more blinding,
Nor moment worth abiding,
If I am to die alone,
once more,
Without your love.

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Jan 23, 2013