I Had....

I had a dream last night..
you were there..
eyes killing me with every stare..
into my soul..
to the very being of..
right into my existence..
Your long hair flowing like silk..
Echoes of your heart piercing laugh...
going through me...
I saw you naked as ..
candlelight kissed your soft skin..
I sigh at your sight...
release me baby
release me honey...
because in my dream...
you are..
my lover just for tonight...
and when I awake..
I see it was all just illusion
which gives me fever..
each time I close my eyes..
but it seems..
that without a word..
without a sound...
it seems...
you left without even a good bye...:(
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2 Responses Jul 13, 2010

aww that's so nice, lucky lady whoever you're writing that for.

really great