Our Sway

Butterfly wishes,
Eskimo kisses,
in the night
we waltz beneath streetlights.

together we swayed,
because of you I made,
one large mistake,
I cant take it,
this damn heartache!

So long ago,
I couldn't show,
my strong heart,
you knew from the beginning,
you'd tare me apart.

So here I lay,
remembering our sway,
How I refused to see,
how you didn't know how to love-
including me.

I still dream about your face,
the way you smelt,
and how you taste.
how soft you were,
the way you made me melt,
damning myself,
I should've known how you felt.

We had our dance,
it hurts, I know,
you had the chance,
but now I smile and
sway alone.

(I know its not the best, but I had it written down for a while..)
Leighou Leighou
3 Responses Jul 14, 2010

lol a lot can relate.. ;)

I can relate. ;)

I appreciate the comment very much :) much love towards you as well!<br />
<br />
♫♪♥Leighou (lee-u)