Two By Two

Don’t hold back all that pain.
Let it drip, drip down to me.
Every sweet tear, trickles to my lips.
I am gorged on the nectars of your sorrow.
Why…doesn’t is seem insane?
But it’s not so bad you see.
I save it all, just taking little sips.
So that it will last, last till tomorrow.
It is you who brought me here.
This is the life you gave to me.
A life made only from your fear.
This is all I that I can ever be.
Imprisoned, chained, not to be free,
I bound to you, you bound to me.
Silly angel, how ever could you know?
That I will never, never let you go!
Now feed to me, feed me your tears.
I swear to love you, love for all your years.
I’m forever, forever your companion.
In this infernal, evil contraption.
Born of you and bound to you.
Our torment is never through.
No one, no thing will ever help.
I’m one with you, you wretched whelp!

This is about pathological suffers.  People that let their own pain build itself into a monstrous emotional abomination that consumes their life.
Xuan Xuan
26-30, M
5 Responses Jul 16, 2010

most amazing one i ever read xo

It is written so well, and I love the rhythm. <br />
I just want to know now, what inspired you to write it.<br />
I can keep secrets :) lol<br />
I truly think this is an excellent piece.

I don't understand why would someone want to keep a person broken?

That's true too. Makes a lot of sense, I guess it works either way. Yes, I wrote it last night. Thank you very much for the read. :)

Did you write this? It's pretty excellent! My first impression when I read it was that it was about a person who feeds off of another's pain. This person is the other's sole means of support and their "best friend" who promises to love them and be there for them no matter what, but in actual fact, it is a toxic relationship and this "friend" is keeping them broken so that they can feel needed and be there to continually pick up the pieces. Phew...<br />
<br />
But seeing it that way, it makes for a nice metaphor for "a monstrous emotional abomination that consumes their life."