Maybe You'll Enjoy This Poem I Wrote

                              A shout out to Dr.Phil                                                        

We were snowed in,sittin' 'round in our flannels,

Eating popcorn,filppin' channels,when a tall dude appeared on the TV screen,The likes of him,we'd never seen,

he was helping folks solve some of life's problems,tsraightforward

that's what we saw,So we gave him this "handle" Mr.Quick Draw Mcgraw.

Go Quick Draw,he won't try to fool ya' yeah Quick Draw let him schoolya'.

now the hours work is done,the good dr. and his beautiful wife leave arm in arm,Instead of a white horse,i bet he's got a big limo,I've never seen it,

One things for sure, if you ask for this guy's help ya'better mean it


silverspirit silverspirit
56-60, F
2 Responses Oct 18, 2006

We all need a little Dr. Phil in us.He has a word for whatever is ailing us. Realy liked your poetry.<br />
Keep on writing.

I liked that, That was very good. Great Job.