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The Sea Saw

                  The Sea saw
One fine day,
Sitting by the bay,
A young cloud with frown on his face
Asked the sea snoring at a fine pace,
O! Sire,
You are the oldest thing in this universe
As I learn from elders’ verse…
And also the rumors are spread at our place
That you created me and my entire race
How come a snoring giant like you can create me?
Me being a flying cloud you ever sleeping sea?
I hear that you know every song,
From   Adam’s birth prayers to eve’s solitary mourn,
 You absorb every stone,
Every gem ever undone
You also hide verses
From fairytales to mermaid’s converses
You are always sincere in hiding secrets
Never revealing any to either of your mates
How come you so responsible?
 Why are you always sensible?
Never do you feel melancholy?
Never are you bored of being so lonely?
Didn’t thy ever fall in love with someone?
How couldn’t you ever have a chum?
Why do we have to die and you are always alive?
Why do you swap others?
When they never make you bother?
Why the kids coming for bath
Are absorbed by your wrath?
Why sun shines only at your shore
Why do you take him away from the tundra boars?
Why do we always obey you?
Why our anger always due?
O! Sire please answer my curiosity
The young cloud said unknown to his adversity

The sea saw with his closed eyes
Cloud just standing tall over in the skies
He smiled, and rose with a snore
Next moment, there was no young cloud anymore…
anuragch11 anuragch11 18-21, M 4 Responses Feb 25, 2011

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So does the sea have power over the cloud, and the young cloud shouldn't have challenged the sea? Awesome, I liked it, thanx 4 sharing. : )

i have used kind of sarcasm here...the cloud represents a weaker section of the society who doesnt have a right to ask questions to the stronger big guns....if someone tries to stand and challenge their monopoly.....he should go down in front of their power.....:)....thank you

I see that, thank you for getting back to me. : )

the pleasure was mine....thank you...:)

You have a lot of wisdom and knowledge for such a "young soul," I admire that and am sure you are putting that to good use. : )

wow! that's huge.....i don't know about other things but i sure do try to be a good person at core.....:)

also read other posts of may like them too....:)

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I like this poem. You show great promise, young man. Do continue. And learn and grow. I like your style. I dabble in poetry. Lately I cannot focus-too much strife in my life! Thank you for this.

thanx a lot for appreciation......mam...:)...

I am not your grandmother, hon. You are welcome.

ha ha...u are well older than me both in age and talents...u deserve respect...:)

Hmm...It wasn't forever ago that I was your age, kiddo. Respect me by calling me friend or Cynthia.

honour me by adding to ur circle cynthia....:D....

hey and please read my latest poem in the group...."alienated"....

Honour me by accepting...It shall be so, hon. Kisses...

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hey thanx......i mean do u know this is the first comment i have ever received on any of my poems...that too of appreciation ...thanx a lot again......:)

wow, <br />
that was a wonderful poem.<br />
it appears like you are a born poet.<br />
you did an excellent job by writing this.<br />
i simply love it. <br />
and i am specially fond of the SEA.<br />
wow again!