Age Of Eighteen

         Revolts of all kind
        Battles going in mind
        Thoughts making you suffer
         Whole world looks duffer
          Trying to color the world into a marvelous painting
          Such is the age of eighteen.
Family advices are not heard
Schools and colleges seem weird
Amazing ideas only coming into your brain
All other scholastics flowing into drain
Life looks like a blockbuster in making
Such is the age of eighteen
          Crushes are transformed into true love
          Heart keeps flying like a dove
          Always willing to prove you on a second chance
          All wonders look ordinary in front of romance
          Confidence keeps on leaking
          Such is the age of eighteen
New powers are felt
Even iron can be melt
Life looks nothing but treason
Always proving it with enough reasons
World seems a podium of seeking
Such is the age of eighteen
          Always discovering new auras
          Life opening up as box of Pandora
          Nights ending up sleepless in search of destiny
          From classrooms to shows of matinee
          Resulting into explosions within
          Such is the age of eighteen
It is the best age
Bird trying to break the cage
It’s the transition from youth to adult
Giving the person status of cult
It gives the chance of inner digging
Such is the age of eighteen
anuragch11 anuragch11
18-21, M
3 Responses Mar 4, 2011

Agreed upon!


hey thanx there and i have just turned 18 and i felt like writing it .....will remember your advice..;)

Wow. Captures the moment of "18" fabulously! Enjoy it while you're there.... it's been way too long for me and I passed up many opportunities. Seize it. ;)