5am Haiku 2007-2010

“Leaves sail to fall

Green dismembered,

Brown reformed 

Wiser and stronger 

Holy man memoirs

Trailblaze good vibrations 

Everlasting Moon

Cherry blossom tree

Winter bee gathers nectar 

Petal snow flakes fall

Signify’s gateway

Milieu of Opportunity 

Fortune welcomes 

Through mist cleared mirrors

Wings elevate to zenith

Fly me to the …

Stace eternity spaces

Decisive moment’s dazzles

Baby you’re a star


A sonnet within our grasp

Crest of horizon 

Through mist cleared mirrors

Feet grounded, head sky bound 

Moon face awakens 

Raindrops falls on Wall edge 

Background light unite 

Rainbow of the night

La Ritournelle Thoughts 

Elevates through seasons 

Summer haze zephyrs

Distinguishing beams

Destination Spangles

The glint of cycles 

Sunrise of new thought

Lay underneath springs nest of earth

Stillness is the key

Whim of spring beckons 

Cherry blossoms arrive/ fall 

No need to shake tree

Life realizations

Look through full circles visions

Being is round….Be

Morning has Broken

My Erratic lullaby 

Breathesa dawn

Leaves sail to fall

Green dismembered,

Brown reformed 

Wiser and stronger”


A moment that can happen at any time.

when everything falls into place,
clarity is at it’s clearest,
confusion transforms into oneness
and when fate…
Welcomes you with open arms.


project5am project5am
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 11, 2011

Bravo. "green dismembered, brown remembered"...<br />
Beautiful, thanks for sharing.