After The Dusk__a Translation

Tu ne dekha ha kabhi aik nazar shaam kay baad?

kitnay chup chaap say lagtay hain shajar shaam kay baad..

(Have you ever noticed, After the dusk?

The trees seem so silent, After the dusk)

Main nay aesy he gunah teri judai me kiye.

Jaisy tufaan me koi chhorr de ghar shaam kay baad..
(I committed sins, in being away from you,

Like someone who leaves home in a storm, After the dusk)

Tu hai sooraj tujhay maloom kahan raat kay dukh.

Tu kisi roze mere ghar may utar shaam kay baad.

(You're the Sun, how could you know the gloom of the Night?

Try landing in my house sometime, after the dusk)

Lot aye ga kisi roze wo aawara mizaj.

Khol rakhtay hain isi aas pe dar shaam kay baad...
(That spirited wanderer might return some day

On this hope, I keep the doors open, after the dusk)

Lot aati hain tmam duaen be asar si, khali.

Janay kis Arsh pe chala jata hy Khuda shaam kay baad....

(They return effect less, empty, my prayers,

Wonder which sky God ascends to, After the dusk?)
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7 Responses Apr 30, 2011

lovely :)

excellent, superb.

:)<br />

Isn't it? :)<br />
Thanks. That's the work of some amazing poet.

:) Sure, do it! Thanks for the comment. I do like Urdu poetry too. Not a major poetry buff though.

hey....its a beautiful gazal.....!! thanx a lot for sharing. it feels so gud to meet sumbody who have a liking for urdu poetry....!!!<br />
i had heared a similar kind of gazal long ago....but i don't remember wht were the lyrics and the poet. i wud share if i recall it back...!

Its a ghazal(a genre of Urdu poetry) that a friend texted to me. As with all creative texts, nobody knows who wrote it but its beautiful and i wanted to share it here.<br />
<br />
You'll notice that shaam kay baad(after the dusk) is be repeated at the end of every two liner. Its called radeef. Radeef comes at the end of both lines in the first two liner in a Ghazal.