Mountain Trees Dream

in among the shadows -
thrown down by mottled leaves
the tree trunks taper high in the sky
quietly I hear the whispers
are they from the bark or from the branches?
maybe the littlest twigs speak the loudest
but they are furthest from me
they are the umbrella for their tree
their message is a little bit muffled
as I walk below and shuffle my feet

chlorophyll dust coats my skin
I soak it into my bloodsteeam
tree wisdom passes up to my brain
trees are much more intelligent then we know...

six months later they hibernate below the snow...
relcychoho relcychoho
46-50, M
2 Responses Jul 3, 2011

We should observe is mystical...all trees and plants reach for the heavens

Man,you are such a good writer!I can always learn more from others like yourself!This is beautiful!Deep as the soul!