I am Missing You


Written with a pen
from the depths of my heart
i want to tell you how much i miss you
but i don't know where to start.

From the moment i left your arms
my heart began to break
the though of leaving you behind
was just to much for me to take.

When i shut my eyes for one last kiss
you held my hands and braved a smile
you told me it is going to be hard
but only for a while.

I turned to walk away
and you began to cry
seeing those tears in your cute little eyes
was enough to make me want to die.

I got in the car and we began to drive
at that moment i knew it was true
that leaving you behind
was the hardest thing I've had to do.

While i sit in in tears
pouring out my heart and soul
i just want you to know
i miss you so much
your the one that makes me fill my role.
I love you so much you are my life's goal.

garvan garvan
51-55, M
10 Responses Jul 26, 2011

Thank you :-)

Beautiful poem lovie. We have all had those feelings. Yet we are ready to risk love anew! It is always worth it! xoxoxoxoxo

So kind,thanks :-)

Thanks :-)

Mushy mush mush! making me think tho.... Its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It has just been a very long time since I have had any feelings for anyone. I do hope some day I will again but the breaking up part is always a killer. Makes me nervous to get involved again. Being alone sucks too so which is worse?<br />
Nice Poem!

I can't imagine a man being so sensetive. This poem is so magical

You do not know me,a lifetime crammed with hard work and experiences,a hardened outer shell masking what lies beneath,the true me :-)

too good..if u r gud in writing poetry than u shld go fr allpoetry.com..i cn feel ur poem,so nice

wow this is beautiful!!! i almost want to cry!! :c) of course a good cry! you know i think i feel a lot of what you wrote in this poem about someone very near and dear to my heart and yet ive only known him for a week and i have got such strong feelings already and i havent even met him! the things written here that i havent been able to experience with him i want too, and i hope i can and will... :c)

Why thank you so much :-)

So beautiful and touching... why do you have to be married Garvan?? I think I would melt if a man wrote the way you do and meant it! Very sweet!

kinda reminds us that there are men with a soul out there, no?

Agreed slip... I love reading Garvan's writings... seems like there is sooo much heart and soul into what he writes. I sure do hope there are other good men like you Garvan out there...xxxx