A Poem I Wrote

The darkness on the face of the deep,

the fog hovers in the midst,

From the fog many become one and as they grow they flow to the gravity of one,

One I was in the fog lonely and drifting in the void I hurled through the deep,

Clashing upon those that drifted by me I became greater through my journey,

To the stars I faced as the sun formed near me I was only a shooting star in a distance,

In time the gravity pulled to me as I united with many and became a sun,

In the union of many I gave life through my light,

Like the forming of the stars I have flowed in the waves,

To the cell coming to form a body,

In love we attract and in fear I push away,

I was in the fog the gas in the night,

From dirt I became from a worm to a bird,

I am rooted in the darkness to grow in the light,

I am a tree may I yield my fruit in season,

To the sun and wind my branches flow,

To give a breath of life to whom may walk into the shade,
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9 Responses Sep 29, 2011

Very Spiritual and Esoteric.....I thought it was beautifully written! With, many different meanings that could be applied depending upon the context one desires to put it in...you have talent!

Your words hit me hard<br />
Causing me pain that is so unbearable<br />
A pain that could make even the strongest men fall to theirr knees and beg you to stop<br />
But not me<br />
No i would never want this pain to stop<br />
This feeling of torture you've buried inside of my soul<br />
Dont ever take this feeling away<br />
The pain is proof<br />
Proof that hell does exist<br />
Proof that our love once lingered around earth before it disapeared<br />
Proof that death cant be as bad<br />
and proof that Monsters can exist as well<br />
So I think I'll keep the heart ache<br />
and i guess I'll suffer the emptiness inside for as long as all eternity<br />
And I'll keep suffering until the torture is over and its my turn for revenge.<br />
I promise<br />
I'll keep this pain close to my heart..<br />
For efinity times efinity<br />
Just waiting until my time is up<br />
So I can sink down into hell's fire<br />
And burn every piece of your pain away.<br />
10v3 = <3

Great emotional writing.

You have a beautiful mind..


I have wondered this world sad and alone.<br />
In search of a place from which to call home.<br />
Have you asked the same questions, for I need to know.<br />
Not a house nor place to stay.<br />
But a home.

Beautiful idea...oh the gravity of others...

...Very Deep....I like it....here's A little poem I threw together, an attempt of self evaluation. hope you like it.<br />
<br />
Another sleepless night, I'm wide awake,<br />
<br />
wrestling with my internal fight, struggling to do what's right.<br />
<br />
Lying awake I can't help but wonder, why my silver lining<br />
<br />
is filled with Thunder.<br />
<br />
I feel broken and empty..and now I wonder<br />
<br />
who am I supposed to be <br />
<br />
when everything good was taken from me?<br />
<br />
I am weary of trying to understand my fate,<br />
<br />
trapped with thoughts I can't escape,<br />
<br />
losing this tug of war between love and hate<br />
<br />
I'm not the Man I need to be<br />
<br />
Hiding in the shadows of the empty,and broken me.<br />
<br />
Yeah, you see me smile, but never see my face<br />
<br />
As I walk alone down my twisted path of fate.<br />
<br />
I wear a mask with a smile, and yes, I'll dance, this dance for awhile.<br />
<br />
I've walked though flames with each mile,<br />
<br />
this despite my Heart's denial.<br />
<br />
Only God knows what I've been through<br />
<br />
As I gather strength to walk the high road away from you,<br />
<br />
Will I ever feel the Sunshine on my face<br />
<br />
the truth of Love or the warmth of God's Grace?<br />
<br />
Stuck here in my empty, and broken embrace.<br />
<br />
are my broken dreams of loathing and disgrace.<br />
<br />
I find myself looking back at what should have been,<br />
<br />
missed opportunities, and remembering when....<br />
<br />
Now as I lie here, my Heart is breaking, because of the path I chose<br />
<br />
and chances not taken.<br />
<br />
Knowing...The man I want to be,<br />
<br />
is so far away.........<br />
<br />
from the empty,and broken me.

thanks, I actually wrote it a little while back, put in honesty it was a 15 minute Job, just a little writing experiment.

That was beautiful, describes exactly hoW I feel

Very beautiful!