Keegon ,
There is a young man named Keegan,
American youth who choose the sea for his calling, choose the sea,
This fair youth, this sturdy youth, noble and fair youth,
Deneighed the right to serve his country to birth due to the nature bore to him,
For you see good reader that my keen young friend,
Sturdy in his goodness brave in this unjust world born of the frailer sex,
Birthrights doesn’t make us who we are,
Yet nature of within drives us to be for my own plight it is to be a butch(male dominated lesbian) just a poet/scholar,
Now Keegon he is at home his father’s son yet anon,
This poet heard once again last night at PFLAG his sad tale of woe,
Soon I shall be at school with this fine upstanding, intelligent youth,
I though an]m not the bard I impersonade that one study Englishman known far and wide as Shakespear,
Nor am I one I enjoy as much as Richard Strauss’s “Der Rosenkavalier”, the fellow I speak of was writing verse before Shakespeare’s minion were reveling around the thought of con-spiriting a figure that time knows as one that of Will Shakespeare.
I speak of Chaucer.
In this time and age when finally my Gay family are being seen,
Allowed the rights forbad us by the Christian Right,
Time is a poor mistess because like a play goer who went to sleep in the first act has forgotten that the American Revolution was fought to make All America free of a tyrant.
Yet today July 26th we have our own country still keeping my brothers and sisters rights from them simply because we are Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered.
Life is hard for us even at times our Christian family refuse to know and love us for simply being who we know ourselves to be…
Well I have work and maybe a nap to take so good day,
If ever you come to a Pride event at my soon to be new school,
 And chance to met a young man named Keegon ,  you will see that you as I do would willing offer him a seat and be proud that he is a part of your family, as I am.
Val Littlewolf11/18/2011 8:15:11 PM
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Nov 18, 2011