Dream State Of Emergency

He reaches out, a feather touch against my blushing cheek.
Lifting strands of hair that have fallen
put back into place, behind an ear, our conversation.
And the reverie in his eyes, it can be found there, pooling.

Touch the surface, a slight disturbance
Nothing heavy I beg, the tears that fill those brown eyes kill me.
One at a time, they fall, a little jab, our kiss, in the clouds
Can I remember how to come back down?

Those embers burn, not a judgment day
and yet there is still the work of the devil here.
A tornado swept through our town.

Is there a lost and found
for all the hearts I’ve broken?
Screams, faint images that paint the backdrop of our lives.
On this canvas I see him, laughter, the sound of purity.
He tells me it’s too late to take this back.
A burst of warm air, entices me, his smile has made me believe
that curled upon these sheets we are on a slippery landslide
running out of time.
His fingers trace outlines, of a slope, subtle earthquakes
I whisper his name; I’m waiting for this to sink in.

IvoryTapestry IvoryTapestry
26-30, F
2 Responses Mar 3, 2012

My god girl! Do write for a living? If not, you should!!!

I wish.. thank you

You really should!! REALLY should!

Very very scintillating! Once again you have brought such current and attention, rich with beautiful sways that twist so crisp with imagination and utter fullness.