Spring's Masterpiece~

Where the roses and the lilacs
Flourish under the willows green
And the daisies softly teasing
Little faces, bright golden beams

Of the tulips whispered kisses
So sweetly shared in beds of shade
And the leaves that fall in silence
On the meadows spacious glade

And soft winds, in quiet dance
Sweeps elegance where lilies bloom
Pastel bouquets are in soft colors
Of tender lace in light perfume

Where the blue jays that gently wing
In harmony, sweet springtime songs
Floating lightly through skies of blue
The butterflies will fly along

On painted wings, like bright rainbows
In graceful flight, colored of love
So fragile yet, their beauty strong
Against the wisp of clouds above

Woven softly, gently blended
With just a breath of warm sunlight
The lovely glow of this beauty
Of spring’s artwork is shining bright

As I watch the graceful splendor
A masterpiece softly unfolds
Though only shared for a season
Beauty my heart will always hold...
Raindrop0000 Raindrop0000
51-55, F
4 Responses Mar 3, 2012

I understand how you feel.

I hope it brightens your Day and makes you smile:)

I am proud that you liked it..:)

this made me smile!