My Parade Of Life

My parade of life is not the best, it's full of sadness and wishes of death, our uniforms are black and dreary, my legs have become weak and weary, my heart is broken, my drum falling out of beat, I'm losing my mind, or so it seems, If you die, we can't stop marching to mourn, but for your death I'll change my beat, for your death I'll change my beat, and march my feet to the sound of your soul. We trudge through swamps made of depression, and I needed support, yet no one was there. I started to drown, until he came and grabbed my hand and pulled me out, and then from there I had my only friend But we march on, row by row, person by person, we march real slow, if you fall youre gone, there's nothing we can do, cos if we try to help or rebel from this, we'd die too. We want to help, but we cannot, cos we don't want to get runover and shot. There's no escape from our depressing parade, it's how we're born and how we're raised, it's even how we die. This my friend, is the very end, I must say goodbye, like always, Because It's How I Live, And How I Die. I wrote this myself! I hope you like it thanks for reading!
WelcomToMyLife WelcomToMyLife
13-15, F
Apr 26, 2012