Interstellar Love

Here are two poems which I have made up and they are about astronomy and love put together. Here's the first

"Every atom, every speck of stardust, every piece of you was combined to make the Earth, stars and the moon.

As your flow through our veins, you are the heart of our pumping blood, you are the womb of all life, the birth place of all things.

You shine in our eyes, you show yourself at night time, revealing your fascinating world, of violent supernovae, stars, planets and interstellar wonder.

When I glare at you, I feel like I'm staring into the past, seeing where my true home is, where everyone's true home is and always will be, eternally, always.

As I breathe the fresh oxygen you gave this Earth, as I glare with love, passion and fascination, you shine down on me, like a ray of sunshine.

Your stars are like a thousand eyes, gazing back, as I gaze at you. I live, breathe and dream you all the time, my life came from you, I am made of your elements, stardust, atoms and particles.

You are what I live for, and i will always love you. You are, the truly special universe."

Here's a poem about love

"As we gaze at the night skies, with the stars in our eyes, our souls become one.

We hold hands, and feel love between us, feeling the heartbeat of the universe, the ticking of the space-time continuum, as chemistry takes place.

We gaze into each other's eyes, our souls become like particles in space, colliding and joining together to become one.

Like double-stars, shining brightly, not leaving each other's side, attracted to each other by the gravity of love, as we create energy and emitt the radiation of true love.

As we kiss, the night sky fills with the love, and chemistry that we have created, it fills with the bright full moon, as Lunar glares deeply at us.

As we emitt light, true love and happiness into interstellar space, like a star, emitting light, energy and radiation through the universe.

Me and you together, in destiny me and you, two stars, shining with hope. I love you, my interstellar love."

The end. Thanks for reading.
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May 10, 2012