Today I woke up from what I almost thought was a dream..
Bodies tightly pressed together.
All I could hear was my faint screams..
Sumhow begging for more as my bra hit the floor..
gripping the sheets ,legs in the air ..
The faster you move the more I gasp for air..
Sweating and shaking..My body's at full peak..
The louder I moan the softer you speak..
Whispers in my ear..As you forcefully pull my hair..
I want u to give me this ***** no time for play..
Ima tell u how I want now turn on your stomach silently just lay..
I feel you work your way up my body ..Your tung gives me chills..
Perfectly laid out ,you spread my legs apart I feel your body creep..
In between my thighs slow penetration damn wat ah suprise..

Hmm -should I continue-

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2 Responses May 15, 2012

You write really poetic yet sexy too :)

YESSSSSS please continue...

Yes please and I will share one of my true stories if you like too.

Ok coming up right now,true story.

Ok you have mail,sent you my beach story.