Love Poem

I love being close to you.
Feeling your arms around me
And hearing your breathing.
I feel your lips on my cheek,
Soft, gentle. Like the the first kiss
I give you. Time stops.

We could spend forever kissing.
Eyes closed and lips locked,
Settling our hands on each other.
I like putting my hand on your chest
To feel your heart beat.

Pulling your shirt loose, touching you
Underneath it. Your kisses deepen
And your hand moves to rest between my legs.
I press you to me, something inside
Throbs to have you touch me.

We're tangled up together now.
Warm skin and close embraces,
Your weight on top of me, feeling you
Growing harder in my hand and then
A burst of pleasure when you enter me.

And I don't want this to stop.
I want you inside me, deep, deep,
Moving slowly, your body
All around me. I love you,
I love you. The quiet night
Is broken by my cries.

Then something starts. A soaring.
A friction, that steals my voice
And stops my breath. I hold you tighter,
Rising and rising, coming closer,
Moaning in ecstasy. And you,
You sigh and tense and then I feel
A warm spill of liquid as you come.

Lying in your arms.
Crumpled sheets. A few kisses.
My body sings. I fall asleep
With your heart beat in my ears.
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May 15, 2012