Slow asphyxiation of colored bliss,
The very thread that inspires me,
It chokes the air of desperation I breathe,
Sealing hot deprivation within.

Can you smell it?
Does a soul burn?
A fading star
Replaced with limelight

Had it only been another man
Another time
Who with such casual ease
Could release his needs

Define the hatred
Pull away your mask
Reveal a bruised and bloodied face
Muddled with broken disgrace

Lay on the stained ground
Wait for gentle arm of rescue
Every narcissistic voice rasps
No compassionate hand grasps

Leave the plagued man alone
Calmly observe a silent struggle
Feed on growing pain and failing resolve
The pool of red sparkles

He encounters his final gasps
The stark emotional and physical suffering join as one
Cascading together in an anguished tidal wave of insight
“I Feared To Love”
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3 Responses May 17, 2012

I love the literary elements in this one. Its so detailed and intelligently spoken. It really shows you don't think like a 12 year old. lol.

hello, BoundlessHorizon <br />
<br />
i read your words ..... sensed something unexpected, so re-read to gain understanding..... and there is was again - unexpectedly, a deep sense of the erotic, where maybe i should not find it. but - there it is. respect to you, from robbie

Definitely strikes a chord. You talking to me?<br />
<br />

Fear, Guilt, Shame,..., those things make some decisions very easy, too easy in fact. When you fear some decision, and then you take the easy road, you must then realize you never made the decision the fear did