Show Me.

Take me by the hand,
& show me if you can.
Take me to that land,
Like no other man.

The way you smile,
The way you move,
Turn down the dial,
Get in the groove.

Moving to fast,
Yet moving to slow.
Wanna make it last,
Want you to know.

If you'd just open your eyes,
& Look at me.
Look past the disguise,
& Who I pretend to be.

You could make me fall,
With just a nudge,
Or Risk it all,
Unwilling to budge.

I don't know how,
To fall for someone.
But I know now,
it can be done.

Trying to find,
A light in the dark.
Losing my mind,
Can't find the mark.

So take my hand,
& Show me the way,
To a brighter land,
& A brighter day.

Where I am yours,
As you are mine.
No more searching for,
Something too hard to find.
Monroe8620 Monroe8620
18-21, F
May 20, 2012