Need This Reminder Daily

The Sage of Apple Valley on Love
by Edward Hirsch

Seeker, whatever you love
that is your path
for truly, love is the path.

Do not believe them when they say
what you love is wrong -
it is part of the great love.

Nobody's road is better than yours.
Nobody else's road is yours.
The important thing is to follow it.

Romantics love the loved ones
the way religious people love God:
It opens you up
either way.

Both kinds of people
get from their love
the same thing:

they stay open
and adore.

To love is the path.

Thank whoever
opened that place in you
we call falling in love.

It is the beloved
and woke in you the sacred feeling.

That is what love is about,
feeling, nor possession.
It doesn't matter how far it goes
but thank him, whoever he is,
whether or not he responds.

Through him you worship:
He is the path.
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May 22, 2012