Love And Confusion

Why is your love so fleeting, so tender and so demanding too?
Can there be a right time, to say my friend, that yes I really do?

It seems as though so many times the lines are drawn in sand
I pray and wonder when I might be dealt a winning hand

There is no book by any title, that tells me how and when to say
That I'll stand beside you with all my love, until my dying day

There are some rules about your love that I’m unfamiliar with
Only you my dear seem destined to choose it, for me it seems a myth

How much can we ever know about how love can really work?
One second I’m your hero, and the next I’m really a jerk.

Why does your list of rules prevent me, from loving you to death?
What I feel is real, not an act like Shakespeare’s famed Macbeth

Guidelines are for lawyers and those that have to pay
For love is free and simple and we act and do not say

I’ve tried with all my instincts to say you’re a work of art
But you’ve set the rules inside your head with no place for my heart

I guess I must learn to face the facts; I will always and forever be
An option or an avatar of a man standing down by the sea
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1 Response Aug 5, 2012

I liked this poem a lot...but is was so sad. *sigh* With that being said...I hope you write more poetry my Friend...because I really enjoyed this piece a lot. :)

Oh good! I look forward to reading more of your pieces my Friend. :)