Who Strums The Strings Of Heavens Harp

This is a repost of a piece of work that is very important to me.

I wrote this for a woman who touched me like no other has or ever will.
Her daughter had a disease that ultimately would take her life.

This is my beloved, once I nourished her as she clung to my bosom
I watch her laboured breathing, my heart heavy, my mind serene and calm
Why did it come to this, I speak quietly to the heavens and wait to hear,
Memories fill my mind to those days when life was warm and sweet

We fought together to savour every moment after the shadow appeared
Every single moment, even as tears from our laughter rolled down our cheeks
We talked endlessly and had our discourses being cut from the same cloth
Our bond as two women, mother and daughter blossomed as spring flowers

We never spoke of this time, when we sought our forbearances,
We celebrated the rites of passage, from child to adolescence then woman,
I relished passing the torch, woman to woman, a bond I had thought for the ages
We talked of life and love, hopes and dreams, we trembled as we peered into the future

The shadow followed, slowly, subtly as in stealth, so as not to be noticed
Whatever would lie ahead, we always sought the sun, the giver of life
Our fears were tempered by those whose knowledge gave us hope
We challenged the shadow each day to keep our spirits up, in love we faced it

Time passed in waves as by the ocean, one and another, never ceasing
The tides would change, and like mariners, we could only watch and wait
Our emotions would ebb and flow and range from hope to despair and back
We stood firm each with the other and grasped every single thread of hope

Our silences were difficult; our thoughts would separate and wander to the unknown
We talked endlessly and fatigue would come and we would sleep in unison
The only freedom we knew were these moments born of mental and physical need
Our consciousness would drift away; we felt the sun, smelled the sweetness like before

What could we say, as the shadow grew darker and time was slipping from our grasp?
Could we hide the fears that lived in our hearts, we held each other in silence and love
Need we say anything more, we have searched the universe, now stand together waiting
Could anyone ever know the depths we have felt in love and fear and pain and despair?

Could we pray and the sacrifices we have made would bring a miracle to our rescue
We have left no path undiscovered; we sought every answer, only the shadow remained
We stand at the precipice and as always we must listen to each other’s heart speak
We would agree that wishes would be granted, unswerving in each other’s support

Finalities are when we must put aside all the battle plans; we turn and face the shadow
We stand at the close and look into each other’s eyes to speak to each other’s soul
We need not speak often, we peer at our faces as if we might forget, and we never shall
This is my daughter whom I nourished at my breast and I love without condition

You are etched in my soul forevermore and never shall a day pass that my mind will forget
You cannot imagine nor can I know with certainty that I shall not crumble without you
A day will never pass that you will not be in my consciousness and our spirits joined,
When the sun comes up, I will recall that the sweetness and warmth was our blanket of love.

raw...December 2011

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2 Responses Aug 6, 2012

Wow! I read this piece earlier...and wanted to step back and reflect on it a bit. When I read through it the second time...I was so glad I embraced your poem this way. This is such a lovely tribute to such a wonderful relationship. The feelings and emotions you weaved through your words were quite touching...and I felt myself feeling exactly what you wrote. I hope you shared this beautiful poem with your friend. I think she would be quite touched. Thanks for sharing such a lovely piece with us my Friend. This poem took me on a trip that I had not planned to go on...but was very glad to be on once I arrived. That's writing at it's best IMHO. :)

My pleasure Beach. I look forward to more trips. :)

I loved this