Ballade Love Poem

I have written this poem and I want to share it. I have an attraction to a co-worker that I can't act upon...but that won't stop me from writing a poem for her. This is a tricky form called a Ballade that's from Medieval times. :
Ballade Of a Beautiful Dream
I dream of you most every night
When moonlight’s pierc’d the Midnight blue
And I behold the darling sight
Of all the things I love in you
For when softly falls the dew
The sunlight takes the darkness place
My vision like the night is through
But sweet the mem’ry of your face
Through all the day, you haunt me still
When e’er your graceful step I view
And I can only hope until
We meet once more as dreams renew
My finest fantasies ensue
Where nothing else could dare erase
The purest thing I ever knew
So sweet the mem’ry of your face
Your golden curls, your eyes of brown
My troubl’d heart will straight subdue
A sensuous pool wherein I’d drown
But rather am I born anew
Your satin skin of palest hue
Your lightest step defining grace
Bereft of you, I could make do
With that sweet mem’ry of your face
Alas, my dream cannot come true
Neither cheapen nor debase
My heart’s fond joy when I review
So sweet the mem’ry of your face
LordR1160 LordR1160
51-55, M
2 Responses Sep 14, 2012

Awe.. that's beautiful. If someone wrote a poem for me like that my heart would definitely be going pitter/patter.

How beautiful! Your poetry leaves me breathless.