The Thought Of Forever

stone roses
sharp angles
that cry out for masons.
and purge me
clean all the old lesions.
strong heartbeat
warm conscience
encased in cold amber.
bright crystal
enshrouded forever.

more colors
and pages
than i could remember.
and she was
a shock to her author.
in endings
the climax
was nothing without her.
and novels
so written
are classics forever.

the shining
of emeralds
at once lost and broken.
gave panic
in wish lists
to martyrs left hoping.
in love with
in fields of heather.
and also
in love with
the thought of forever.

it promised
the heavens
it promised resistance.
and desperate
for peace won by penance.
the moment
rained on me
whenever i let her.
and dwelling
on thoughts of forever.

(encased in red leather whenever i let her.)

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Sep 16, 2012