Behold A Velvet Moon

i took off my shirt under a velvet moon
with the crazy winter in full bloom,
i asked politely, but far too soon;
the winter raved and cursed,
froth and spittle, frozen.

behold my lives are spent on tasteless useless
lives spent without a thought,
sodium iodine, sodium phosphate,
shelves sagging low with ceramics,
shelves weighted down with mistakes.

but i do not regret a thing.

i sat down beside all of the days to come,
as the brutal winter reared and stung
i said the truth, it was lost among
the screaming of the breeze,
dying nonchalantly.

i swear it was the oath of office taken,
words formed without a thought,
sulferic anbesol, sulferic champagne.
little men make big decisions.
little men make big mistakes.

watch the many little men
making all the big decisions.
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1 Response Sep 23, 2012

Love your poem.