This Anchor Reminds Me

its early in the morning and im holding on to you. theres nowhere i wanna be with anyone else its true. this started with a smile and ended with a kiss. you said you wouldnt fall in love but the feeling you couldnt resist. you held my hand and kissed my lips and made me feel like there isnt anything better than this. now you promise me forever and forever is what i need. i never want to live a day without you by my side. to laugh , talk or cry. you are my strength you hold me up when things get rocky and i have had enough. when time seems to go so slowly and i just need out. you grab me by my hand and kiss me as i pout. baby this isnt forever i promise ill be back . i watch as you walk away and get on that plane. leaving for alaska who knows how many days. i dream of what your doing if your dreaming of me. hoping the lord keeps you safe in the sea. come home baby. your the best thing thats ever happened to me.
swannysgirl swannysgirl
Nov 30, 2012