That Time Of Year..again

It's that time of year
Where everything is
Rush rush rush
No matter where or when
Its everywhere, cha-Ching cha-Ching and an occasional ding -a-ling

Of course it's the season of giving, but when did happiness become a product on a shelf?
When did it become an item to buy? It shouldn't be that way where happiness ends up on your receipts where you had to pay.

We empty our pockets for what? A
simple smile? Appreciation? Slight gratification?

It's a waste right? A lost cause? A sincerely bogus way to win over someones happiness through a gift. Apparently not, you shower and spoil them to achieve that goal as well as the one of being in a financial hole.

Just throwing money away...
Yeah... The lights are nice, the tree is pretty, not to mention the wreath on your door that costed $65.50.

That's all it is. A profit, for people to sell happiness for you to buy, to put on your Christmas list, to spend all your hard earned cash and time, for one day and for the next with bills where you sit and sigh.

Its beginning to look,
It's beginning to become
The Christmas season.
The season of giving, not
Receiving, though I believe
The definition is being -given-
A new meaning...
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Dec 1, 2012