Courage To Say Goodbye

One bullet,one blade is all it would take
To end my misery to escape my fate
It seems like happiness wasn't meant for me
But foolishly I hope,I dream

That someday it will all make sense
That this pain in my heart,this sorrow so dense
Will one day all just disappear
But this might never happen,and that is my greatest fear

So as I stand at this crossroad my time draws near
And the only thing pulling me back is my fear
But the thought remains:One bullet one blade is all it would take
To end my misery,to escape my fate
RoseAmongThorns RoseAmongThorns
18-21, F
1 Response Dec 2, 2012

i really like your poem...good imagery....i hope this isn't how you are feeling yourself

Thank you,and no this isn't how I'm feeling,I wrote this poem about a year ago when I was really depressed.

that's's a powerful poem