Sometimes life is tragic yes i know
But no matter what u gotta let it go
You must live life with your head held high
Even if inside you want to cry
Friends will come and friend will go
But you mustn't let anyone destroy your flow
You are Smart, beautiful and fun
Keep that in mind before you run.
No matter where you end up on this earth
You still gotta deal with it, you have since birth
People will try to bring you down
But don't let anyone give you a frown
Cut out out the bad and keep the good
And make sure you are understood
Show the world what youve got
Cuz the rest of them could care less if you rot
I've been there done that
People have even called me fat
But now I dont let people get me down
If i did, in my sorrows, Id probably drown
So next time you feel sad and blue
Remember your fate, it starts with you

Guys this is my first poem ive written in years so please be nice :)

Darkfairy88 Darkfairy88
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 13, 2012

awesome! keep it up ! :)

Thanks hun = )

yw :D