Beneath The Photograph Of Audrey Hepburn

(With lips tinted red as any vampire),

Two elegant women
Face each other over coffee

As they talk they smile & laugh,
Raise their cups tentatively
To their lips
To sip the milky froth

I am invisible,
I rise & float around the frosted lampshade

One is fair & tall,
She sits against the wall
& wears a pink cotton rose
On the left, below her throat

Her companion is dark & shorter,
She hunches forward
& bows slightly as the fair one
Speaks, & nods, & scribes
In a floral notebook

By gestures & silences,
Their eyes agree,
Although two large leather bags
On the floor lean away
& are zipped, in case they spill.

I love them both & just resist
The impulse to descend
& take one small nip
Of each extended throat.

raedeejay raedeejay
66-70, M
Jan 7, 2013