Poetry An Inspiring Medium

I always liked to read books , stories , philosophy , Psychology. Literature etc but find that poetry is beautiful. It inspires and can resonate with my inner self.
Words are poor expressers but sometimes the poetic words are carved so beautifully that they seem like a thread with jewels and rubies like all the beautiful stones displayed in such rythem that the impact becomes more profound. I started to read translations of poetry in different languages and felt so sad that we miss out so much literature and thing of beauty because of our inability to know more languages . I found that a translation from a verse in Japanese language was like Ode to the Nightingale by John Keats

" I love the song of the nightingale
But much more , the silence that follows it" ( Translation from Japanese)

" Was it a vision or a fading dream , Fled is the music
Do I wake or Do I sleep " ( Ode to Nightingale , John Keats )

I read the poetry of the poets from the Indian suncontinent
Ghalib , Iqbal , Mir Taqi Mir and Pakistani Poets like Faiz Ahmad Faiz
Ahmad Faraz and Parveen Shakir, find them as facinating as Tennyson, Wordsworth ,Emily Dickenson and poets from Iran like Beydil and Hafiz and find that words and literature can communicate freindship and love in the world full of fighting and wars.

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BobIronside BobIronside
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Jan 10, 2013