So Cold...

So cold...
From my toes to my nose
I shiver from the cold
That follows me in my soul.

So cold...
The black of night swallows me
Barefoot upon icy ground
Left to freeze in this wasteland of dreams.

So cold...
Every step is pain
I grow weary from this walk
Why did I come this far?

So cold...
I think I'll just sit here
Rest my eyes, body, and heart
Let the cold winter night
Swallow me whole.

So cold...
I see nothing but darkness
I feel nothing but chill
I am nothing but exhaustion

So cold...
They lied to me.
There is not light
No warm greetings
No beautiful music

So cold...
In the end
We are alone
In the dark
In silence
And so very, very, cold...
Wistina Wistina
22-25, F
Jan 23, 2013