To Me, Poetry Includes Lyrics....

To me, poetry includes lyrics.  I love certain lyrics to songs.  It's amazing to me that someone could come up with something so clever or profound to say that would affect me.  For something to matter to me, it has to hit me at my emotional core and for me lyrics almost always do the trick.
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I am write there with you. I believe I began writing poetry because of the similar connection to lyrics.

Amen! I am so tired of this freestyle diary entry stuff. And yes, some of it can be good, but it's not as gripping as something that has an internal beat. I want to feel the music in an author's soul. And while those broken, jumbled words can move us, it's pattern and rhyme that sticks with us.

Lyrics!!<br />
Lyrics are everythinf! :)

i couldn't agree with you more, theophania. my favorite lyricist is Natalie Merchant. have you ever heard her stuff? she's got an amazing website where you can listen to her entire discography for free, and the lyrics are even posted. :0]

poems and songs both involve economy of words -- the carefully chosen word or phrase that goes off like a bomb. Not all poems have economy of words, but those that don't are just prose.

I write poems and songs since I was 6 years old......I bet you would love my poems