I Thought I Was a Poet Once, I...

I thought I was a poet once, in high school. I would wake up in excitement and reach for a pencil and scribble. I won awards. I thought I was brilliant. Then I hit college and realized I wasn't. Now I read poetry instead of writing it. I always figure somebody has to be doing some of the reading as well as the writing!
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7 Responses Jan 13, 2007

Nuh-uh, I bet your poetry is brilliant. Please write again.

One persons likes is another's dislikes, but the one that only really mattters is yours. Never give up something you love because of others if you do that eventually you would live life for everyone else.

You should write your poetry, i'd love to read it :) Im a big poetry fan

I love this,....don't we all wish to be poets, the soul of a poet is like manna from heaven.

Wow, I hope that doesn't happen to me, I figure I'm a pretty good poet, very good from what my friends say (I trust my friends on the subject, especially a couple of my close ones that are also poets and we're very honest when critiquing others poems, even friends') I think I'll still be one of the better poets I know in college but maybe not, lol!<br />
<br />
And I agree with unicorn, just because you dont think you're that good, doesn't mean you stop writing if you really love it!

Ah not me. I formed the "I Hate Poetry" EP group, LOL.

if you like poetry and won awards why don't you just start writing it again???? I write poems and songs since I was 6 years old......I bet you would love my poems