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I enjoy reading all forms of poetry. From classical works to the modern day poems. With songs, the lyrics, which are poetry, matter a lot in deciding what songs I like. I appreciate the people who are able to write great poetry, as I write poetry myself and I know how hard it is to actually produce good quality poetry sometimes. Many people write poetry, but only a select few have the ability to really create poems that can stir the senses and "open doorways to the mind previously locked away".
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From someone who cannot write good poetry and who doesn't particularly have great interest in doing so I have found that when I have tried to and from what I read that the more confidently a piece is written the easier it flows and the deeper it resonates. I find this a very attractive and an extremely admirable trait in A person. Poetry is beautiful to listen to and read.
Thank You so much for sharing dear :-)

"Vengeful iris"<br />
(by me)<br />
<br />
Silver crescent in the sky<br />
Subsiding to dark grace<br />
I've been waiting by and by<br />
To summon your turned face<br />
<br />
Deepest mirror, truest scry<br />
Gently has me bleed<br />
Echoing long-hidden cries<br />
In those who must concede<br />
<br />
Ancient whispers swiftly rise<br />
A tongue spoke by the flame<br />
Shifting, lifting, circling high<br />
On Saturn's subtle fr<x>ames<br />
<br />
And though innocence can't survive<br />
The dead and fallen can<br />
And my veiled, blackened, troubled eyes<br />
Will find their glowing strands<br />
<br />
<br />
(thanks for reading.)<br />
(this poem has copy rights)

I write poems and songs since I was 6 years old......I bet you would love my poems