Falling. By Caroli9

There she stood upon a high,

World blowing through her mind,

" Let go & Fall " the wind does cry,

with arms outstretched her falls a glide,

Dizzy...Giddy...she panics inside,

" Your Falling to fast " the words fly by,

with heart in hand she closes her eye's,

as she drops into the tears she cried,

& drowns in fear's of her own design.

caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
10 Responses Jan 21, 2007

That was beautiful and expresses exactly how I feel right now..

I really like this :)

This sounds like me

Hey, I liked it. But please don't fall. Please.

Caroli9: <br />
learn to deal with constructive criticism. Sheesh, you should look at the comments on the art sites, like EP! They'd turn wine sour in a heartbeat. It isn't always a bad thing to tighten it up a bit... just use your best judgement.

Im not going to stop writing poetry becasue i have English Issue's. And thanks Again ... you know ... If you have nothing nice to say just correct the mistakes ... O.K great way to make someone feel like ****.

Thanks for reminding me to post the daily poem on my blog. FYI. Should have been, "You're falling too fast." Also, lose the apostrophes on fears and eyes.

you paint with words. the imagery is strong and communicates quite effectively.

Cheers !!