GREENOCK Morton!!!

i came accross this poem about my local football team, or for you guys in the u.s "soccer team"! it was actually written in 1922!!! now my football team, isnt exactly like a major successsful team, but we always strive to do the best we can lol!!! which usually isnt very good lol!!! but in scotland, we have 2 major successful teams from glasgow called rangers and celtic, and they are usually the 2 teams to beat!!!! now as i said, this poem was written in 1922, and it even mentions some of the players that were playing for these teams at the time, and the poem was written just a few days before greenock morton (my team) was about to take on glasgow celtic , at our ground (Cappielow park)

today thousands of people passed the stiles at Cappielow, until the vast enclosures not a vacant spot could show!'twas Celtic and Morton that were striving for the points, both trained up to perfection, with no stiff or lazy joints.

when Morton came on the field the cheer was loud and long, but when Celtic came into view it was equally as strong!both teams were well supported, you could safely bet on that!some shouted "good old jacky", while some others "good lad pat".

they tossed the morton won it- so they kicked off with the wind ,then Gallacher got on the ball and left each one behind!!he shot at davie edwards - ah! but davie caught and cleared,'twas quite apparent Patsy was the boy most to be feared

then Jacky Wright got on the ball and passed out to Mcnab!who shot straigh and swift at shaw, who missed a frantic grab!'a goal' there was a deafening roar it was one i'll ne'er forget!it nearly brought the heavens down, when the ball struck the net

the Celts again kicked off the ball, the pace was very fast!Mcnair and Dodds would not allow our forwards to get past!!a scrimmage just in front of goal saw shaw lose his control!and french rushed in and banged the ball right through an open goal

again a mighty roar went up; 'twas heard for miles around!not such a noise had 'ere been heard upon that football ground!the ball again was centred, while the crowd kept on to roar!Mclean and young Mcfarlane did their best but could not score

for morton had the game in hand, their play it was sublime, and celts i think were thankfull when the whistle went for half time!!the second half was started 'midst excitement very great, for many felt that celtic was about to meet its fate

and so it did for in this half, four goals the Morton scored!and thus it was the Celtic had its reputation lowered!!supporters of both teams, im sure, could not but realise,this great and glorious victory took celtic by surprise

the whistle went, the the game was done, the morton stood supreme,and then i wakened up in bed, to find, 'twas all a dream!!but do not laugh, my worthy friend, but let me say to you,that dreams they very often have a trick of coming true!!!

and isnt it ironic that in that very year, it was the only year we won the scottish cup by beating celtic in the final!!!! lol

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Feb 23, 2009