Tell Me If It's Any Good

This is the last time

I'll turn back around for you

you listen

you say you care

but do you

if you could see me

sitting here

alone, crying, bleeding,

screaming your name

over and over

why couldn't you

be there

be mine

why couldn't you care

why am i here

why do care about some one

some one who won't repay the kindess

all iv'e done

all i do

to be better for you

so maybe i'd've had

just one chance

your too late

your not sorry

you don't care

stop lying to me

if you cared i

wouldn't be here like this

i'm screaming again

you turn the corner

see me

try to talk to me

but it's not okay i scream

why don't you see it

why can't you see

that i'm dying

wasting my life away

all for you

all for a loser,

a jerk,

the only one who would'nt see

the only one

that i wouldn't

let see

but he saw through it

half of it

he let me

he let me

keep my charade

keep up my little game

to the point

to the brink

of the end

my death

and now

he stopped me

just a little too late

as one guy said

"all's well that ends well"

KittyCat08 KittyCat08
2 Responses Mar 19, 2009

listen poetry isn't all just rythm. for me i don't care if it's more like a letter it says what it says and what i want it to say. it's kind of like a letter because i was writing it to someone. but it's from the heart that's what matters

by the way the tittle of the poem's called the "reason i'm here"