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  Black Shoes Under The Door

This is about an inccident that happened to me!

Red enclosure, trapped behind, a way out I need to find.

Locked behind an empty door, as I'm shaken to the floor.

Pushed aside with my eyes closed tight,

Do I have the strength to fight this fight.

I was silenced on demand, by something simple called his hand.

I tried to speak, but not a sound, made no difference, no one around.

I heard a noise, door opened wide, then someone slipped inside.

Not a woman but a man, weird thing is he never ran.

He walked up close, listened good, black shoes there they stood.

He was not in the light nor in my site,

Would he help me maybe he might.

Guess I was wrong, in a minute he was gone.

Did he know what went on, did he even mind,

Who knows, cause those black shoes I'll never find...

Sarah E Ingrassia

Copyright ©2007 Sarah E Ingrassia

dreamergirl dreamergirl
22-25, F
1 Response Jan 26, 2007

Nice poem! They are a great way to express yourself.