Thought Id Let You Know

Thank you for the flowers,

you sent a while ago,

now they are pot pouri,

just thought id let you know.

As dried up as our love

Odorless over time,

just thought you'd like to know,

things are great..I'm doing fine.

Cant really say things are great,

when they could've been better,

just thought you'd like to know,

no vendetta

So cheers to the new life,

I hope its really worth it,

just thought you'd like to know,

what you need back... IVE BURNT IT !!

by Ci9


caroli9 caroli9
41-45, F
12 Responses Feb 9, 2007

Lol! I love is awesome!! :)

Your right ... stupid remote is controlling my life now... hmmm. Its Bin Day thursday morning. <br />
<br />
After i put it in a bag and jump on it .. its so gone :)

Get rid of it. Time to move on.

I could ... SOUNDS GREAT :) dont know why i still have the stupid thing hanging around.... could be I need it to remind me of what he thought was important and what he needed.

the decay of time has brought an end to the relationship, finished it off with a cleansing fire.<br />
<br />
you have captured the emotions very well Ci9, well done.

It might be useful one day. You could jump on it.

No .. its under the house... im not that heartless :)<br />
<br />

Oh, his remote melted in your blaze of glory.

Magazines ... stupid old **** and car mags ... hahaha he still wants the remote control for his car .. *SHRUGS* I dont know .. was it important ? hahaha

I was enjoying that. The punch line was powerful.<br />
<br />
Was that his cloths and magazines?

Thankyou ... err cant help thinkig that you might have clicked on the random storys that havnt been commented on yet LOL<br />
<br />
Thankyou anyway ... true story this one ;)

I really like that, nice job =]