The Devils Drug

The devil has an evil drug,                            

One he gladly shares,                                        

Once you smoke a little bit,                              

You will have no cares.                                     

His seduction is powerful,

A thousand years strong,

He uses our addictions,

To make us human pawns.

Caught up in his dark magic,

A black and evil spell,

The poison that is in the smoke,

Will make your life a living hell.

He's master of deception,

His plans a wicked crime,

Controlling the population,

One line at a time.

You'll be led away from sanity,

Hide underneath your bed,

Scared to answer your front door,

Cause someone wants you dead.

Oh the pleasure it gives him,

When your on his path,

He knows his rein is over soon,

Your soul may be his last.

Satan has so many tools,

That make us loose our way,

Coke makes you his puppet,

It's his evil way.

When your flying high,

Not wanting to come down,

That's when he makes it interesting,

On your knees you may be found.

So if you ever reach your bottom,

And drugs are taking your soul,

Hopefully your eye's will open,

Before the devil claims your soul.(By:Kittykat1234)

kittykat1234 kittykat1234
31-35, F
Feb 27, 2010