Starting Over Backwards

I'm not sure if this is love,

Too much free time,

Too many drugs,

And parking cars in alleyways

To kill all the pain,

Wake up calls at four a.m.,

You find a fix,

Maybe a friend,

Just somebody to listen when

You don't quite make sense,

Waiting rooms, hospital beds,

The smell of this place

Gets in your head,

Reeks of a life much shorter than

You once imangined,

I watch your eyes cut through my bones,

I pray to God to save my soul,

Watch my regrets rise up like ghosts,

I buried them so long ago,

I'm starting over backwards,

And all those things I used to have,

Cigarettes, smoke,

White pills, and cash,

The purity, it never lasts,

I keep forgetting,

And all those friends

Who knew my name,

They weren't my friends,

They were my chains,

It's a narrow road,

There's no debate,

My crooked head

Won't stand up straight,

I'm starting over backwards

And all around me

I watch everything

Disappear into itself,

I feel it all right here,

I'm starting over backwards,

It's the only way I know how


*actually written by my brother =)

123vonnie 123vonnie
18-21, F
2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

Nice...I really like it..I was gonna say, about the whole drugs part.

the part that says "I watch your eyes cut through my bones", he said was actually about me